Cafe Racer Project

Cafe Racer Project

This café racer was our first custom build and started life as a GS750L Custom 1978.We modified the frame to take our tail & seat section and removed all unnecessary brackets etc.  The swing arm and wheels are from a Kawasaki ZR550 that we modified to fit the frame.  The forks are from a GSXR-750 SRAD that have been housed in a set of MSS Performance adjustable yokes, manufactured by us.  The tank is from a GS750E that we cut, welded and beat to fit the lines of this café racer. 


Fastec Racing Yokes
GSXR750 SRAD Front Forks
MSS Performance 50mm Clip Ons & Bars
MSS Performance Quick Action Throttle
Modified frame at rear to suit custom made seat unit
Modified GS750E Petrol Tank
Modified Kawasaki ZR550 1988 Swinging Arm
Kawasaki ZR550 Front & Rear Wheels
CB600 Rear Brake Calipers
GSXR750 SRAD Front Brake Calipers

The following parts were all manufactured in house

Rear Caliper Mounts
Rear Brake Stay
Rear Sets
Lock Stops
Headlight Bracket
Cam End Covers
Engine has Dyna Ignition, Dyna Coils & Taylor Leads.

The frame was powder coated by H & S Powdercoating, polishing by Alloy Polishing, & paint by Hurricane Airbrush Art

For more details or for your own build, give us a call.





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