We have recently undergone a restructuring and have moved all of our custom bike builds, restoration & motorcycle servicing work to our sister company, Newmarket Motorcycle Co.

This change allows the Fastec Racing team to focus on creating the quality parts they are known for and offer more custom machining services to customers. We work closely with N.M.C, both being part of the Fastec Group & sharing headquarters with each other, they have been been a key tool in our arsenal since our inception over 13 years ago. The Fastec team will still be involved in builds, handling part design & machining services, but Newmarket Motorcycle Co. will be running the projects & dealing with all mechanical/non-machining work.

You can find more information on the N.M.C Website, as well as all of our previous & recent builds and restorations.

If you have a custom build or restoration project you want help with, please contact the team at N.M.C here or by calling 01638 672022.


N.M.C handles all over custom build & mechanical work. Their skilled mechanics and technicians share decades of experience across all styles, eras and disciplines of motorcycles, offering a wide range of services; from full custom builds & bespoke restorations as well as general servicing repair and M.O.T Prep.