5Four Motorcycles Collaboration

5Four Motorcycles Collaboration

When a build of hand-crafted, limited production, specialist motorcycles comes knocking, it’s not one you ignore. With aligned passions, knowledge and understanding of the world of custom motorcycles, we were privileged to team up with the team over at 5Four Motorcycles.

Creating a limited number of custom Honda CB1100RS 5Four (just 54 units in fact) we were proud to work with the team on many parts of the design creating custom parts for the bits that just didn’t work. And with a manta that states “If it doesn’t look great and make the motorcycle go faster it isn’t going on the machine” it was the perfect collab.

Meeting at the Kickback Show a few years ago, conversations started on our stand following a look around some of the custom models we’d improved. Managing Director, Guy Willison, recalls: “Some of the bits were what I needed for the bike I was working on at the time. We worked on that project and have worked together ever since. Fastec made all the CNC billets parts for my handmade Gladstone 8 years ago.” 

Having built bikes since he was a kid, Guy has always had a passion for non-standard bikes, asking us to make bits and pieces for projects before the Honda project set in. Wanting to restyle and improve the aesthetics of the CB1100 RS the 5Four project soon came to fruition and the newly formed team has never looked back.

5Four Motorcycles

Creating a bespoke bike, the CB1100 RS 5Four’s riding position has been tailored using Renthal Ultra Low handlebars, Tomaselli racing grips, short racing brake levers and beautiful billet mirrors, all finished in black. The single seat is handstitched Alcantara and leather in a diamond stitch pattern. The footrest hangers are mirror-polished aluminium.

There’s no plastic to be seen either; the wind-cheating handlebar fairing and single seat tail unit are both handcrafted from aluminium. A pair of titanium Urban Growler end-cans from Racefit – the quintessentially British exhaust manufacturer – are beautifully welded and engineered to look stunning and provide a deeply distinctive, spine tingling sound.

Commenting further, Guy said: “The service and products offered by Fastec are second to none. They are just really nice people to work with and the workmanship is just great. I have never had a single problem and they are incredibly innovative when I come to them with new projects.”

Now looking forward to a longstanding and continued relationship as we move into 2021, we’re looking forward to releasing details of new projects in the new year – stay tuned!

Find out more about 5Four Motorcycles here.

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