Bandit Build

Bandit Build

This build started out as a 1996 stock 600 Suzuki Bandit and we modified the rear end so we could lose all the rear plastics and seat off the original bike.  The yokes were replaced with our own design and we kept the original forks but replaced both wheels with those from a GSF1200 to enable us to fit the tyres we desired. 

The engine on our donor bike had low mileage so did not require any engine work apart from a good clean and re-paint.  Carbs were fully stripped and cleaned in our ultrasonic tank and rebuilt using new internals, Fastec carb tops and our newly developed bell mouths. 

The bike was completely stripped & re-furbished including the brakes with new brake lines and custom oil cooler from Hel Performance.  Every bearing & bush has been replaced and we also fitted a hydraulic clutch from a GSF1200.

For the look of this bike, we were originally just going to have the tank in matte grey but after deciding not to run a rear mudguard, we went for the hugger and colour coded that to the tank.  The frame and engine have also been kept in a matt finish but with some pinstriping courtesy of Mackie Mac

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Absolutely brilliant well done guys love it.

Ewan Burnett

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