Customer Insurance Discount – With BikeSure

Customer Insurance Discount – With BikeSure

Great news! You’ve recently purchased your new bike with us. Now all you need to do is to insure it. Trying to figure out the best deal to fit your circumstances can be a challenge, but to make things easier for you, we have teamed up with BikeSure to provide you with a discount to ensure you have all the cover you need when purchasing your bike.

Why BikeSure?

BikeSure has access to over 40 different motorbike and moped insurance schemes, meaning your search is made easy. No matter which motorcycle you own, there will be suitable cover in place to meet your specific requirements.

Unique to you

BikeSure takes pride in providing a quality service to every bike owner – no matter what you’ve purchased (including our custom motorcycles!). Using a specialist motorcycle insurer guarantees you will get the right cover you need, at the right price.

BikeSure is also confident in being able to provide a competitive quote to any young or disabled customer along with anyone with previous claims, points or conviction.

How to benefit

As an affiliate of BikeSure, we have access to some great discounts on insurance which are available to any of our customers who have purchased a motorcycle from us. Call us on 01638 672022 or email to find out more. Or visit

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