Harley-Davidson Street Tracker

Harley-Davidson Street Tracker

The 2016 Bike Shed Paris show was on the horizon, there was a glimmer of an idea in Dan’s head and a stock Harley-Davidson XL1200 tucked at the back of the workshop. With the business to run and client builds to finish, Dan and the team knew that they would need to place a substantial order of ‘Midnight Oil’ to ensure the ‘Street Tracker’ was ready to roll onto a plinth at Les Docks cité de la Mode et du Design.

The Harley was yanked out of the shadows into the bright (ish) lights of the workshop and hoisted up onto a stand to start the tear down. Luckily the bike was a good ‘un, but as a show bike it would need full disassembly to meet both the exacting standards of both the Fastec Team and the discerning show goers.

The chassis was going to remain largely stock with the exception of the removal of the seat rails. These were replaced with a beefy loop tail. This visibly shortened the look of the bike an allowed the fitment of a chunky single seat. The seat pan was fabricated in house and East County Customs took care of the upholstery.

Whilst the motor was out it received a full rebuild, but retained all stock internals. It did however get a spangly metallic silver paint job along with a number of brass fittings which were again machined in house.


To improve the ride and stopping power of the ‘ST’ a Suzuki GSF1200 Bandit gave up its forks, front wheel and twin rotor brakes. These were all held together by Fastec custom yokes and fork brace, both finished off in a moody satin black.


Atop these forks, a set of LSL tracker bars are held in place by another in-house staple of risers and handlebar clamps. Attached to these is a Motogadget classic gauge set in a custom designed and build speedo mount. Motogadget also supply the M-Unit module which powers the bikes electronics and allows the use of a keyless ignition system. More in-house machined brass nuts and washers offer a splash of bling against the satin black. This custom machined brass work also features on the ‘late model’ controls.

Moving backwards an after-market peanut style tank sits high on the frame sporting a suitably ‘racy’ matt orange and checkerboard paintjob by Hurricane Airbrush Art. This colourway continues on the side panels and custom fabricated rear mudguard.


A set of Burley shocks take care of the rear suspension duties and the trusty 1200 Bandit also gave up the rear wheel and brakes whilst the Fastec boys fabbed a new carrier plate. To further enhance the tracker look a set of 17 inch Heidenau ‘wet’ tyres surround the Suzuki three spoke wheels. You can have a guess at how many hours of work went into the super grippy custom machined foot pegs!


The Fastec team designed and fabricated a custom shorty exhaust, which looked great but wasn’t the most practical even for a show bike, not to mention its ear shattering volume. So, it was extended and wrapped to complete the look.


The bike is chock-a-block with custom machined parts and is a true testament to the level of build quality that the team put into every bike. The ‘Street Tracker’ is now up for sale, so if you want ride away on a very individual bike, give us a call!


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