Yamaha RD350 YPVS 'Street Fighter'

Yamaha RD350 YPVS 'Street Fighter'

When RD350's go into a workshop they generally come out again in restored but stock guise. That was not the case for this little 2 stroker.

At its launch in 1983 it was unveiled as the "the nearest thing to a road-going racer ever produced" but when this particular bike came into Fastec, it was going to emerge with more of a 'Street Fighter' look. As usual, the bike was completely stripped before the various parts where pulled together from a multitude of places.

Once the frame was stripped and painted a refreshed set of RGV front forks were mounted onto one of our custom yoke sets. The top yoke was machined to house a Motogadget Pro Clock. A Mo-Unit Blue takes care of the 'electrickery' and the controls are custom billet buttons with hidden internal wiring. Motogadget also supplied the bar end indicators and three-way units for the rear. The same donor RGV also supplied the front Fender.

To ensure the Street Fighter look remained 'period' two Bates headlights were mounted on custom made brackets. The throttle was switched to one of our Quick Action units, supplemented by aftermarket levers and perches.

More Fastec engineered parts were used for the Rear Sets and Footpegs.


The client had sourced the tail unit from Italy, but it needed a little smoothing and fettling here and there. Arnie @ Pro Kustom then laid the familar white and red colour scheme.

Of course we can't forget that piece of groundbreaking engineering. The motor was completely stripped and rebuilt to factory specifications with a little tidy up here and there.


This bike may upset the purists, but at Fastec we have never been bothered about that. The client loves it and thats all that matters. It has a unique look and nothing beats the smell of Castrol R in the morning!

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Love that YPVS streetfighter guys, you’ve done a great job on an amazing machine. I owned both Lcs’ YPVs’ and RGs’ and to see them brought together with some very nice up to date touches in one motorcycle…..makes me all nostalgic for that Castrol R whiff and another flight jacket! Top work lads!! ;)

jon madgwick

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