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GT750 Swing Arm Spindle Set

GT750 Swing Arm Spindle Set

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Reproduction Suzuki GT750 swing arm spindle assembly.

We are manufacturing these swing arm assemblies which will consist of the following parts marked on the drawing:

  1. Swing Arm Spindle                  - OEM 61211-2100V (x 1)
  2. Slotted Dome Nut                    - OEM 09159-14003 (x 1)
  3. Swing Arm Inner Spacer         - OEM 61251-15001 (x 2)
  4. Swing Arm Outer Bush           - OEM 09307-22003 (x 2)
  5. Swing Arm Centre                   - OEM 61280-31000 (x 1)
  6. Swing Arm Bush Cover           - OEM 61262-15000 (x 2)
  7. Thrust Washer                         - OEM 09160-14009 (x 2)
  8. Washer                                    - OEM 08322-11148 (x 1)
  9. Swing Arm bush insertion tool - KC-S-GT750-SA-BIT-001 (x 1)

To start we will be manufacturing these to order, as complete assemblies or as single items.  Please email with your enquiry for full prices.

*** The individual parts may fit other Suzuki models, we will add as much information to the individual parts as we can but please check OEM part numbers, if you have any information that may aid a fitment list, please let us know ***
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