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Honda CBX1000 Rear Hub Assembly

Honda CBX1000 Rear Hub Assembly

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Spoke Holes

Our rear hub assembly has been designed as a direct replacement for the original wheels and gives the ability to customize and change to spoked wheels.  They have been designed and CNC machined in house, here at our site in Newmarket, UK.

The rear hub assembly consists of a rear wheel hub, sprocket carrier & bearing retainer, sprocket carrier studs & rear wheel cush drives.   This allows you to use the original spacers and bearings from your donor wheel or we can supply both crush tube, T Y bearing tube, bearings & bearing seals.

** Please note, this set will be manufactured to order so delivery dates to be given at time of order but we do try and keep to a 4 week lead time, This gives us the flexibility to offer 36 hole or 40 hole spoke patterns and your options for finishes required.

Custom orders can be designed to suit your donor forks and front wheel if it is a custom build, please contact us for further information as costs could change**

*Photos are for illustrative purposes only and may not show exact model

*** This assembly does NOT include rim or spokes - please contact us if required ***

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