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T3332050 Triumph Stainless Cam Cover Bolt (M6*37mm)

T3332050 Triumph Stainless Cam Cover Bolt (M6*37mm)

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This cam cover bolt has been manufactured in house from high grade stainless steel to a very high standard to replace the original.  They have a M6 hex head style and will compliment the other items in this range and fit a wide variety of models. 

The quantity you require will vary from model to model so you will need to check your bike to see how many you need. If you need any other machine parts that are not listed, please contact us and we can look at manufacture.

OEM:  T3332050 Cam Cover Bolt M6*65mm

* Recommended torque settings for stainless steel fasteners is 8.5nm to 10nm so please ensure you do not tighten further than this.
The Triumph service guide says 14nm but as these are replacement stainless steel bolts, we would suggest between 8nm – 12nm but no more.

** Please note the above data is based on dry installation and should not be used for lubricated installation, this data is based on metric course thread, the values stated are taken from controlled environment and not specific to a particular screw type – we cannot guarantee these figures and should only be used as a guide only.

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